Never been to an ICANN meeting before?

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ICANN is the organization that coordinates and develops policy on the distribution and use of the domain name system and IP addresses, which are essential to the functioning of the Internet.
But for who it is not involved in these processes, is it worth going to the meeting? How is an ICANN meeting?
ICANN meets three times a year in different countries, and in march the meeting will take place in Marrakesh, Morocco. It will be the number 55.

ICANN meetings are open, there is no charge to participate, you just have to register before or upon arrival. It is a meeting with lots of simultaneous activities and the first time can be confusing. We suggest that you review the general agenda that is online days before the meeting and see the topics of your interest.
ICANN is a different meeting because ICANN is a different organization.

ICANN recently approved a new meeting strategy for the annual meetings. This will be the first meeting of this new strategy so it is different from the previous ones.

The first activity on Friday March 4th is a physical meeting of one of the working groups on the IANA transition, the group called “CCWG on Accountability”.

On Saturday and Sunday begins the work of the various stakeholders and on Monday there is the high-level meeting for governments. This high-level meeting is organized every two years in order to interact with high members of government within the ICANN environment. The previous one took place in London in mid-2014.

On Monday there is the Latin America and Caribbean LAC space. (10:30-11:Morocco time)

In the New scheme, there will be two public forums, one on Monday, March 7 between 17 and 18:30 hours (Morocco time) and another on Thursday 10 March between 13:30 and 15:15 hours (Morocco time) . Remember that you can participate remotely in English and ask questions or comments.

This will be the last meeting of ICANN CEO; Fadi Chehade, and the next ICANN CEO Göran Marby will attend the meeting, although he is not yet in charge.

If you want general guidance on the activities you must go to ICANN Wiki and Dominios Latinoamérica´s  booth in the exhibition area, a group of very nice people will help you.

You do not understand speakers who speak other languages? No problem, ICANN provides a unique translation service, with simultaneous translation in seven languages (the UN’s plus Portuguese), all sessions have transcript in English and are recorded.
The transition announced by the Government of the United States in its role as supervisor of the IANA functions, central to the functioning of the Internet, will also have an important place in the agenda. What is this? Vint Cerf in this video can help you understand it.
No time to go or you live far away or in another country? No problem, you can participate remotely and even ask questions of the speakers. All information is on the website of ICANN and access links are published few days before.
It is a unique gathering, do not miss the experience to participate in it.

Full agenda for the next ICANN Dublin meeting is already published in the ICANN website.


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