Lost in acronyms

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Do not worry! Dominios Latinoamérica helps you.
This is a list of acronyms that will be useful to understand the ICANN meeting in Spanish, English and Portuguese

AfriNIC — The African Network Information Center

ALAC — At-Large Advisory Committee

APNIC — The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre

ARIN — American Registry for Internet Numbers

ASO — Address Supporting Organization

ccNSO — The Country-Code Names Supporting Organization

ccTLD — Country Code Top Level Domain

DNS — Domain Name System

GAC — Governmental Advisory Committee

GNSO — Generic Names Supporting Organization

gTLD — Generic Top Level Domain

IANA — Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

ICANN — The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

IDNs — Internationalized Domain Names

IETF — Internet Engineering Task Force

IP – Internet Protocol (IP)

iPv4/6 – IP Addresses v4 and v6

ISOC — The Internet Society

ISP — Internet Service Provider

LACNIC — Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry

PDP — Policy Development Process

Registrar – Company that sells domains

Registry –Company that manages domains

RIPE and RIPE NCC — Réseaux IP Européens

RIR — Regional Internet Registry

Root Servers – Server with all the IP addresses

Root Zone – Central directory of the DNS

SSR  –  Security, Stability and Resiliency

SO — Supporting Organizations

SSAC — Security and Stability Advisory Committee

TLD — Top-level Domain

UDRP — Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy

W3C — World Wide Web Consortium

WHOIS – Query about who registers a domain

WIPO — World Intellectual Property Organization


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